X2 Impact DVT2 Mouthguard
The X2 Impact mouthguard measures head impacts in athletes and collects the data as a way to mitigate concussions and traumatic brain injuries.  It does so by resting near the base of the skull (the back, upper teeth) and using accelerometers and gyroscopes to triangulate the linear and rotational acceleration to the center of the skull, and sending the data live, wirelessly, via an internal radio antenna.
The final design was the result of months of researching fit and form, and finding the right electronics and charging system, as well as some help from Seattle consulting firm Anvil Studios.
X-ray view
With previous versions that were bulky and hand-assembled, we finally got the technology small enough to encase in a single-shot mold.  That part could then be laminated in EVA discs to create a custom mouthguard, or over-molded with a shot of EVA plastic that could be "boiled and bitten."
Sketches and concepts produced by Anvil Studios
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