X2 Impact Design Direction & Branding
A lot went into the X2 Impact Detection System.  It was my mission to make sure that every single part of it that our user touched was as great as it possibly could be.  Not only is that important with any experience or product, but this was in large part a diagnostic and medical device.  The design team and myself did our best to make sure all users - the players, the coaches, the ATCs, the parents - found the system a joy to use, and completely enabling, as opposed to at all encumbering. 
With so many devices and applications talking to each other, it was important that all of these - the physical devices, the apps - look like they talk to each other.  In cases such as these, a homogenous design language is more important than brand recognition - it is conveys unification and simplicity to the users and enhances the experience to the utmost level.
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